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Dashboard query visualizations
Dashboard query visualizations

How to visualize the dashboards queries

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After creating the SQL query, you can choose how you would like to visualize the results. Choosing a visualization type is done by clicking on the arrow sign under your SQL query to open the steps box.
You have several options to choose from:

  • Chart - can be of several types: Line/Pie/Column/Bar/Chart/Area

  • Fact - A single number result which can be visualized

  • Percentage bar - a single parentage result

  • Table - if the results are to be presented as a table

Chart - When adding a chart, the form of the chart setup should be populated with the desired X/Y axis and the labels. Each chart can show multiple query results, this can be done using the series tabs. To add another series layer just click the second layer under series and add choose the second query parameters. Graph annotation can be added as well, this is a visual threshold line to be presented on the chart.

Fact - A single number box

Percentage - Allows to present a percent within a dedicated box

Table - Show the data as a table for the final presentation, up to 10 layers of conditional styling can be added. In this example if the amount spent will be higher than 300 the appropriate cell will be colored in red.

For each of the visualization options, the desired (query/scripter) result should be

chosen as the data source.

The final look of the visualized result can be previewed at the bottom of the page

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