The Different Types of Storages in Labguru

Learn how you can fit best your type of storage locations to our offered options

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When creating storages in Labguru, there is an option to set a type, the types are: Room, Shelf, Closet, Drawer, Refrigerator, Freezer, Rack, Slide rack, and Other.

When designing you storage map, we recommend to start from the broad location, and then get more granular:

  1. When setting up a new account, the best practice would be to define all the rooms in which your items are being stored such as lab rooms, cold rooms, equipment room, tissue culture, etc.

  2. Then you can set the storage locations such as closets, freezers, refrigerators, and cryogenic tanks.

  3. Inside of these locations, you can add more specific details and add your racks, shelves and drawers.

In Labguru you can design different types of racks to add in your storage units:

Vertical rack:

It's commonly used for tanks like liquid nitrogen tanks or deep containers.

To create a vertical rack, create a new storage entity inside the LN tanks and select type Rack.
Select 1 as number of columns.
Select the number of available rack cells as number of rows.

One box can be stored in each rack cell.

Horizontal rack:

Similar to the vertical rack, this type also has to be defined by number of rows and columns, according to the structure of available rack cells.

Slide rack:

These type of racks can be found in freezers and refrigerators for keeping boxes more organized. To define this rack type select Slide rack, and specify number of rows and columns.

Images and specific details of each storage location can be added in the description


If you are uncertain of which type of storage location you need to set, we recommend using the "Other" option in the menu

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