Auto-populated table

Add a table-form that will be auto-populated with your inventory item data

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Sometimes you wish to add data to your experiment for each of the inventory items in which you use in that experiment. Adding that data manually can be tedious and time consuming. Here, we introduce a feature that will automatically fill a table-form with the required data of your choice, for each inventory item chosen.
How to start:

  1. Add a form element to your protocol.

  2. In the form element add a table.

  3. Stand on the Cell of your choice and go to the "insert collection" option and choose the "insert collection select" tab.

  4. Choose your desired collection.

Now, you can add fields that will be automatically populated in cells in the same row for the inventory item you have selected in the experiment. To do that, in the protocol page:

  1. Go to the "Insert collection field" tab, under "insert collection" option.

  2. Select the same collection you chose before.

  3. Choose the field you wish to be automatically populated in the table.

In the experiment page- Once you will choose an inventory item, the fields you chose will be added to the table with the corresponding data for that item.

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