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Ensure a smooth onboarding and lay the foundation for efficient research and lab management by learning the best practices for starting out with Labguru.

The product team presented the best Labguru features released on 2022

Learn how to use the forms element

Learn how and when to use the datasets functionality in order to compare, gather and organize data

Learn how to make the most out of Labguru's inventory and storage modules and create an organized and efficient lab.

Learn how to utilize various functions to document NGS procedures in Labguru

Learn how to use the chemical registrations tools.

Learn how to structure your data for AI and predictive analysis, get insights and BI, automate processes, streamline your entire lab operation and maximize your lab efficiency.

Learn best practices on how to create an efficient and compliant lab for cannabis research: organize and track your collections, create high-throughput pipelines, and centralize your information in an informatics-ready database.

Best practices for managing protein database, including crisis management

Learn how to structure non-uniform lab data and bridge the gap between the scientist and bioinformatics teams.

Learn all the steps to creating a fully compliant research workflow using Labguru's various GxP compliance features.

Learn how to manage all aspects of your bioprocessing operations

Learn how to manage all aspects of your contract service work in Labguru in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Learn how to improve the efficiency of your day to day activities in the lab and how this can improve your work in the long run

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