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Update stocks amounts while performing your experiments
Update stocks amounts while performing your experiments

Mark the reagent quantity used in the experiment and Labguru will automatically recalculate the remaining amounts of your stocks.

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While performing experiments, you can use a certain or total amount of the stocks. With our latest sample element improvement, you can indicate the amount used of each stock (both volume and weight), and the system will update the remaining amount left in that tube or bottle.

How does it work?

1. The owner of the account needs to enable this feature in the account settings:

2. Add your stocks in the Sample Element in an Experiment section and select the amount used (please make sure to choose the right units):

3. After clicking on 'Subtract' the amount will be automatically updated both in the Sample Element and in the stock info page.

4. The subtraction can be reverted before clicking on 'Save':

NOTE: The system will automatically mark a stock as consumed when the complete amount has been used. To enable this feature the account owner has to check the option under Account Settings:

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