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Add unit information to stocks

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To help you document various types of stocks we enhanced the quantity properties allowing all type of units. 

How to use the units:

  1. Populate any of the quantity fields (concentration, volume, weight), add exponent if relevant. 

If you are adding stocks via the excel import template note to follow the instructions (added as comments) in order to properly write those amounts in the import file

2. Select the desired units, from the drop-down list, when creating/editing stocks manually or using the import file: 

3. Customize your concentration, volume and weight units to add new ones:

The newly added units will appear in the import drop-down menu templates*.

4. The new units will be visible from the sample show page -> stock tab:

and from the stocks index page:

Note that you have to customize your stocks index page view to add the new properties.

For users moving to the new design - how to convert your existing data to the new format?

Your previous concentration and volume information will be converted automatically to the new format.
In case your units are not included in the pre-defined list, your old data information will be placed in the "Remark" box and still be available for you to review and edit. 

To move the data placed in Remark to the correct units field, follow these instructions:
1.  Export your stocks list
2. Open the exported excel file
3. Copy the data from your concentration remark field
4. Paste it into the Concentration field
5. Don't forget to select the units in the concentration units field
6. Replace thee data of your concentration remark fields for " - "
7. Follow the same procedure steps for the Volume.

NOTE: If you used our default units, you don't need to update anything. Labguru knows that your units are "mg/ml" for concentration and "ml" for volume.

*Only users with Admin privileges can add new units

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