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Equipment Maintenance

Maintain your instruments with Labguru

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Maintenance and Calibration are one of the primary processes used to maintain equipment accuracy and is crucial for generating accurate results. 

Labguru allows you to manage your equipment maintenance easier and faster with proper documentation.

How to use Labguru's Maintenance Feature:

1. Maintenance Customization — The equipment admin can edit maintenance types on every maintenance tab > edit

Calibration is set as a default maintenance type. You can add additional custom types such as Cleaning and Checking.

2. Maintenance setup: Once the maintenance types are defined, all account members can organize the equipment maintenance set up from the equipment's show pages/Maintenance tab (see image below).
You can select the maintenance to perform from the list of maintenance type, previously defined, and enter the maintenance time-period.
The setup is a reversible option, you can always edit it accordingly. 

3. Maintenance performance: After the maintenance setup, you can proceed to perform the maintenance for your equipment.
The maintenance types appear in different tabs, each type has a template that you can design according to the needs and populate every-time you perform a new maintenance.
The templates can be edited anytime you need it.

4. Maintenance history record: The admins can track the maintenance events history from the "maintenance Log", and perform maintenance in bulk per equipment type.

In addition, a maintenance notification will appear:

A. In your Dashboard:

B. In your equipment index page: 

Hover the red icon to get the maintenance full-detail

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