Document your Produced Samples

Indicate the origin of your made-in experiment Samples

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Labguru makes a step further in helping researchers organise their data.

Indicate the origin of new samples, produced during experiments performances, with our new feature "Mark Stocks as Output"

How does it Work?

  1. Create your new samples by using the Sample element, adding them to the correspondent inventory collection, and the respective stocks

    2. Select the stocks that were created during the procedure, and mark them as 'Output stocks. 

         The stocks marked appear highlighted in blue within the sample element

       3. In the sample show page>Stocks, you can see that the Outputs stocks are automatically connected to the experiment in which they were initially created, and easily locate all the related details.
Stocks can be marked as 'Output stocks' only once.
You may use these stocks on additional experiment procedures but they cannot be marked as output stocks again.

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