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Easy Sample Addition To Experiments
Easy Sample Addition To Experiments

Using the sample basket, you can add samples quickly and easily to experiments.

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In this article, we will present how inventory items and stocks can be easily added to a new or an existing experiment by using the "Sample Basket" feature.

How to use the Sample Basket?

1. Choose the required stocks from various pages such as: the stocks index page, stocks tab in the sample page, box page, and sample basket index page.

2. Mark the desired stock/s and press on the basket icon.

3. Click the "Sample Basket" icon to see the list of items. 

4. Items may be added using several methods:

  • Choosing a collection from the drop menu. The collections that appear are the ones in your inventory module.

  • Selecting samples to add- Start typing the first three characters of any of your sample fields, default or custom fields, sys ID or sample name. You can choose the samples you need from the suggested list. You can add multiple samples at once, just by selecting them.

5. Once all samples and stocks were added to the basket, there are two options available:

  • To start a new experiment that contains the desired items - available by clicking "New Experiment".

  • To add the desired items to an existing experiment:

    1. Open the Sample Basket pop-up while the desired experiment page is open.

    2. Press the "Add To Existing Experiment" button to add the items to the open experiment page.

    3. Select the required section for the items to be added.

* To remove items from the basket use the trash bin on the right of each row.

*TIP: You can easily scan in-stock items into the basket using a barcode reader.

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