Troubleshooting imports

How to resolve import issues of collections, stocks and equipments

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The Import function of Labguru can save you a lot of time when populating your account. It is a quick way to add large number of items into a collection.
During the import process the system can encounter errors in your files, giving you a hint of the errors in the import summary table.

Here are some tips that should help you with that:

  • You didn't get the import summary email? Don't worry you can check your present and previous import summary, on each collection index page, by clicking on the (. . .) icon > 'Previous imports/Updates'.

Please verify that the email didn’t arrive to your spam folder. 

  • While the import process is happening, you'll see ‘Processing, please wait…’  

You can continue working while the import is being uploaded.
Wait a few minutes and then try refreshing or go back to the page. If the message persists contact us.

  • You see ‘Pending’ as the status

That means the import is about to be processed. Please wait for a minute, if you still see pending contact us.

  • You see ‘In progress’ as a status

Import processing can take some time when it comes to larger files. If after a long period you still see this message, contact us.

  • If an import file contains errors, the system shows a column of error asking the user to fix the import template according to the instructions and guidelines as seen below. If you don't see the full message in column A, please extend the column (as you do it in excel) or double click on it.

       Once you are finished fixing the template in that window, click on ‘I’m done, Re-import now’. 

If there are several errors in the template, you might need to re-do this process a few times.

If you require support please contact us through the in-app messenger, in your message please mention all relevant information including the collection name. If possible attach the import file and a screenshot of the import status/summary as shown above.

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