Batch Cloning

How to create new plasmids with known inserts

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The mass cloning tool saves time by helping researchers create multiple cloned plasmids using an import template. Labguru recognizes the requested restriction enzymes and automatically creates modified plasmids by using the researcher's inserts sequences.

In the newly created plasmid, the original plasmid appear as the base vector.

How to Clone Plasmids:

First, make sure you have the original plasmid and its sequence in your inventory collection. 

1. Go to the cog icon and choose 'Batch cloning'.

2. Download and populate the excel template:
          * Write in the 'plasmid backbone name' field the exact name of the plasmid from your collection
          * Insert the correct restriction site in the sequence field
          * Specify the restriction enzymes you will use for this cloning in the "Enzyme 1" field. Only one can be written.
          * Output plasmid name - select the name for your cloning plasmid. The name will appears as 'original plasmid name.insert_name'.

3.Upload the template file

The new insert will appear with its name in the new plasmid's sequence map.

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