Integrated Gantt charts that will enable you to supervise the progress and planning of a specific project (including the folders and experiment within it).
The Gantt chart display can be found under the last tab in the Project page:

Experiment start date and duration fields are linked between the Gantt chart and the experiment page. Hence, changes made are automatically updated on both. 

Save time and update the work plan by simply dragging or extending the experiments bar on the Gantt chart.

Note - you can toggle the zoom allowing you to customize not only the viewing capabilities for the project, folders, and experiments but the duration you set with the option of yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily.

Create dependencies by connecting between experiments and folders by clicking on the the circle that appears at the end of each and dragging it to the experiment or folder you wish to link. The link will be marked with an arrow between the two.
Dependencies result in the need to sign the former experiment before being able to sign the latter. And once you move a dependant folder or experiment this will affect all of its dependencies.

Signed experiments and completed folders are visually marked as such. 

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