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Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure more secure access to Labguru.
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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is used to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring you to enter an additional code when you sign in.
(two-factor-authentication requires an app such as Google Authenticator)

Two-factor authentication (TFA) is mandatory for all users

When you log in, you will be required to enable 2FA

When you click Enable Now, you will see a setup window. On the top left of that window, there are instruction steps. The QR to be scanned OR optionally the key code next to it.

Please make sure to save the backup codes that appear on this page. You can use them to login 5 times instead of the 2FA code (you can use them if you lose your phone, for example).

How to use the authenticator app

  1. Open the Authenticator app on your mobile device or a desktop app (android/ iOS). 

2. On Google autheticator for example - push the plus icon (note: if you are new to Google Authenticator, you will not have the other codes shown in this screenshot - you will have a blank window).

3. Select the Scan a barcode or setup key option:

The QR scan will activate the camera on your smartphone. Point it at the QR code on the screen. You should see it registered in the Authenticator and then display a new 6-digit code for Labguru (as in the image above)

Please note that the code changes every 30 seconds; only the newest one will work.
On your next login you will have to provide this number in addition to your email and password.

On the login page you will to enter the 2FA code in the dedicated field

Reset 2FA

If you lost your phone or a reset is required for any other reason an admin in the account will be able to perform this reset by going to the profile page of your user and choose Reset 2FA. You will receive a reset confirmation email and will be able to re-do the setup on the next login.

Click here to see a video on Two-factor authentication.

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