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How to Duplicate Projects, Experiments and Protocols
How to Duplicate Projects, Experiments and Protocols

Duplicate experiments, projects and other Labguru saves you time of re-writing procedures when small changes are needed.

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Make small changes in your projects, experiments or protocols without having to re-write it all using 'duplicate function'.

How to Duplicate:


     1.1 Go to the more menu --> click on duplicate:

     1.2 - An email is sent to the user that request the duplication      

   1.3 - The duplicated page contains a  green banner with the name of the original project with a link to it:

2. Experiments & Protocols

    2.1 - Go to the More menu --> select Duplicate

   2.2 - Select what you'd like to duplicate:

Selecting "metadata" allows the system to duplicate your images and files. 

    2.3 - Same as for the project, the duplicated page contains a green banner with a link to the original experiment/protocol:

The duplication option is also available for documents and reports

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