How to assign roles and privileges in Labguru:

1. The Account Owner and Admins can access the account Settings to set up Role management

2. For each role check the relevant boxes if necessary > save

3. Assign this role to a current or new user for them have those privilges.


  • Each role can be assigned several privileges

  • You can also create new roles and assign it privileges

  • Roles can be deleted if they not used

  • When inviting a member or editing an existing member profile, the role specification is required

The Privileges are

Account owner - It is set automatically when opening the account. Able to edit all data and see all updates of the account and receives the account data export file.
Can administer system (Admin) - Can manage the account, invite/lock members, edit inventory settings, and edit all account data. In addition, they are granted with 'sign and witness', and approve orders privileges.
Can approve orders - Can approve orders in the shopping list otherwise that the user has standard user privileges.
Can witness - This is a standard user with the ability to witness other's experiments, protocols, and SOPs.

Standard user (all checkboxes un-checked) - Relevant for most users. Allows creation of ELN records, editing, and creation of items in all modules, deletion of only his own items in the inventory.

Read Only - does not allow to add or edit any data.

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