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How to Archive an Equipment

Equipments are replaced frequently in the lab. With Labguru you can archive them to keep a record of all past equipments.

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Equipments can be replaced or get broken. In Labguru you have the possibility to archive them to keep a record and all links with experiment where they were used.

How to archive an equipment

1. Go to the equipment show page and click on 'Archive'ย 

2. A warning message will appear in a pop-up window:

3. The archived equipment won't appear in the active list
โ€‹Note: that archived equipment will not appear as an option when adding an equipment to an experiment or protocol.

4. To view the archived list, there is a link available from the equipment index page:

Archived equipment can be re-activated. When activated, the equipment will be added back to the equipment list.

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