Managing the Lab's Equipment in Labguru

Organize and manage your equipment using Labguru's equipment module. Trace the shared equipments, maintain your equipment and much more!

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Managing your equipment in Labguru efficiently, enables you to successfully maintein them and use them in your research experiments without stepping over your colleagues work.

How to populate your Equipment List:

Option 1 - Manually: Go to the 'Equipment' page under the 'Storage & Equipment' tab, and then click on 'New Equipment' and enter your information in the pop-up.

Option 2 - Import: add your equipment list in bulk using the import tool 

Once the your equipment is registered, you can manage its usage schedule, book time slots and even ask for email notifications when your time is up, and now manage it's maintenance

You can use Labguru's UpFolder, an automatic file synchronizing application that will upload designated files from the equipment's computer to your Labguru account.

How to manage the Equipment calendar 

To book a time slot (hourly or daily) just click on the desired time (a day or an hour) or by creating a new event. Time slots booked by you and others will also appear in you own Labguru calendar (you need to make it visible by choosing so in the 'Views' option in the general calendar). Events can be also created from the equipment element within experiments.

If one of your instrument broke down or it was replaced, you can archive the old ones. 

For more information about equipment calendar management, click here.

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