Dispatch - Transferring Stocks Between Accounts

Transfer stocks between your Labguru accounts

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If you are part of more than one Labguru account, you can now transfer stocks from one account to the other.

In order to dispatch stocks you need to have the same collection with the same custom fields in both accounts, and be the owner of the stocks.

To move stocks:

1. Go to an item's show page, the stocks tab, or to the 'Stocks' index page.

2. Mark the stocks you want to dispatch and click on the 'Dispatch' button. All the dispatched stocks will automatically be marked as consumed.

3. A pop-up appears and you can select the account to send the stocks to and add notes.

4. Once the stocks transferred, a notification will appear in the dashboard of the recipient account.

5. In the 'Dispatched items' page, under 'Items received' tab the new stocks will appear. For every dispatched stock you can choose who received it and the dispatched items will be automatically placed into a general "Input Box", from which you can move the stocks to any other location you wish.

6. Stocks that were transferred can be viewed from the sender account under 'View dispatch events' in 'Stocks' page.

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