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Set up alerts when running out of stocks

Create alerts for your most used samples with the "stock alert" function

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The Low Stock Alert feature helps you be on top of your most essential reagents and inventory items, which you cannot afford to run out of.

You can create an alert when the stock hits the minimum threshold. These alerts are visible from the Dashboard and weekly digest emails.

How to set up stock alerts

1. Go to an inventory collection and select an item you want to create an alert for

On the 'Stocks' tab -> click on 'Stock alert':

1. Choose the minimal threshold to turn on the alert. You can designate the measurement type for the alert, it includes the following types: stock count, material volume, or material weight, and click on "Save".

2. The alert notification will now be visible from your Dashboard

and from the sample page -> stock tab

Anyone in the Lab can subscribe to an existing stock alert and get the notification in their Dashboards.

  • Please note that unsubscribing from a stock alert applies to All users, so no one will see the alerts anymore.

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