The Low Stock Alert feature helps you to be on top of your most important reagents and inventory items, those that you just cannot afford to run out of.
Create a notification when the stock hits the minimum amount you set up. These alerts are visible from the 'Dashboard' and the weekly digest email.

How to set up stocks alerts

  1. First, turn on this function in your account by accessing your profile:

2. Click on 'edit' In the profile editing page and check the box 'Get stock alerts' under  'Shopping list notifications'.

3. Go to an inventory collection and select an item you want to create an alert for.

On the 'Stocks' tab -> click on 'Stock alert':

Choose the minimal threshold to turn on the alert and click on 'Subscribe'.

4. The alert notification will be now visible from your Dashboard

and from the sample page -> stock tab

Anyone in the Lab can subscribe to an existing stock alert and get the notification in their Dashboards.

For more information, watch this short presentation about adding a low stock alert:

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