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Moving a Stock From One Box to Another

Update your stocks location

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Stocks can suffer alternations in their storage during their usage. Moving stocks is simple and easy with Labguru.

How to move stocks to other storages:

1. Edit a simple stocks:  From the stocks page, a box or a sample, click on the stocks you wish to edit

In the pop up window you'll see the option "Suggested boxes" where appears the boxes with a compatible content type to your stock. If the box you want is not there, you can also search for it in the storage tree.

2. Move several stocks, manually, simultaneously. From the 'Stocks' page, select the stocks you want to move and choose "Edit selected".

A new window open -->  click on the pencil icon next to 'Storage location' and choose the box you want from the list.

3.  Move multiple stocks with the update tool: Move stocks in bulk between boxes or from a box to a storage location, a room o a freezer. Export your desired stocks and change the storage to the new one.

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