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How to Bulk-Update Your Stocks

Update multiple stocks at once using our import or edit selected functions

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Inventory items and stocks are frequently experiencing information changes.
Edit multiple stocks, at once, using import or edit selected. 

How to bulk-update stocks using export/import

Step 1: Select the desired stocks

From the stocks index page, select the ones you wish to edit or use the filtering options on the column headers to pull the desired stocks list.

Step 2: Export Stocks

Click the (. . .) icon on the upper right corner --> Choose 'Export' 

An email with a link to the Excel file will be automatically sent to you.

Step 3: Edit Stocks

  • Download the Excel file received by email.

  • Make all changes needed inside the Excel file.

It is important to note-

  • Stock ID column have to be with the correct ID, Do not leave this empty.

  • Labguru will update any stock that have data written in it's row. If it is the same data as before no change will be applied but it will state that the stock was updated. If a cell is left empty the data will remain as before the update (no change).

  • You may change the content of a stock as long as the new content is of same collection (stocks are 'collection sensitive' e.g. a plasmid cannot become an antibody) and its corresponding system ID is provided. 

  • If designated position within a box is already taken, stocks will be placed in the next available slot. 

  • Changing locations - It is possible to change stocks' locations within a box, move to another box or to a storage location. Changes from a Storage location to a box cannot be done. 

  • In general, make sure to follow the same basic principles as in importing stocks.

Step 4: Upload the file

Click the (. . .) icon on the upper right corner again and choose 'Import / update' from the drop-down menu.

In the new window opened, drag and drop your file onto the box or click it and browse it.

You will get an email when the upload is completed, the stocks will be updated!

How to bulk update using edit selected

Step 1: Follow the same step 1 as in the previous section

Step 2: Click on 'Edit' on the toolbar

Step 3: A window will open which will allow to edit the data for all the selected stocks, click on the pencil icon next to the field to be edited.

Please note that this function can also allow to delete data for all those stocks, for that populate the field with one space character in the edited field.

Step 4: Save the changes, the window will close and a green notification bar will notify that the changes were successfully saved.

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