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How to Add a Stock

Stocks are the physical representation of your inventory items, learn how to create them to be able to use them in your experiments.

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A Stock in Labguru represents a physical entity of your inventory sample items.
Stocks can be of type tube, slide, package, bottle etc.

How to add stocks

Before adding the stocks, you can customize the stocks collection by adding custom fields (only available for admins).

The newly added fields will appear in the add stock form and the import files

How to add new stocks -

  1. From the inventory sample show page - (of any collection): 

         * Select the Stocks tab
         * Click on add stocks

          * In the “Add stock” form you can choose to add the stock to a specific box, or                to any storage location of your choice without choosing a box.

           * Once you saved the ״add stock” form, a popup window will appear with the                 option to choose the number of stocks you want to add.

2. From the box page -

      *Select the desired spot
      * click on the "+" icon

Remember to fill the required fields, name and content, and any extra information you need. 

3. Import function - which allow you to upload stocks from all kind of collections together.

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