Shopping List: How to Manage Your Orders
Manage your orders, save time and money with our shopping list
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The shopping list is an internal order management tool to help you follow up on requests/needs from team members, compare/assign them to budgets, as well as putting a permission based approval system in process.

The general idea is to centralize and facilitate all requests in one place, approve them, based on budgets and PI decisions and then order them via your vendor/university purchasing systems.
You can also attach quotes received from vendors to the shopping list for your records.

The order request has 3 stages. only the the owner of the account, admin or  the member with permissions to approve orders (usually lab manager/tech) can perform the first 2 stages which are:

  1. Approve an order - the order was approved, the item appears in the shopping list as 'Submit order' 

  2. Once the order was submitted to the supplier, the status will change to "pending delivery", which means to mark an item as arrived.

  3. When it arrives to the lab, any member can mark it as arrived and log where the item was placed. The person who originally placed the order will receive an email letting them know their item has arrived and will be able to easily check where was it placed.

For members with no approving privileges, the shopping list looks like:

You can filter the shopping list, print it for your records and export as CSV, watch the order history and place a service order in the upper left of the shopping list. 

You can also customize your shopping list and add new fields to describe your orders.

Watch a short video and learn more about the shopping list.

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