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Repositories: Sharing Collection Items with Other Accounts
Repositories: Sharing Collection Items with Other Accounts

Share your inventory items with other Labguru accounts

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Repositories are a way for Labguru users to easily share Inventory items and information with other Labguru workspaces.

Repositories are folders, specific for each inventory module, whose owner can invite as many collaborators, with existing Labguru workspace, as needed. Multiple repositories can be created for one inventory module.

How to create and use Repositories

We are going to use Cell Line collection as our example:

  1. Open the inventory collection index page

  2. From the index page -> Repositories

3. A new repositories page will open, on that page you will see all the repositories you already have shared or were invited to, and also the option to create a new one:

4. To add items to the repositories. Just go to the collection page (Cell lines in our example), click on a certain item and choose to "Share to repository":

Items can be continuously added by all repository members, and when needed they can easily copy the information to their workspace.

From the repository, items can be unshared when needed.

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