In the Inventory module, you can find a place to describe your plasmids and vectors.
In this module, you have the option to add all the important information regarding the plasmid like :name and description, size, resistance, host and usage among others.
You don't need to settle for text only, you can copy & paste the sequence and the system will create a map with all the common features.

In order to create a new plasmid version the duplicate function can be used. The duplication will create a new plasmid with all the features but with a default name, which you can edit later.

Last but not the least, as in other modules, you can set its stocks so you will be able to track one tube out of hundreds in the freezers.

You can add new plasmids manually or upload from GeneBank files to your collection.

How to create a plasmid map

  • Click on the "Inventory" tab and then on "Plasmids".

  • In the "Sequence & Map" tab on the Plasmid's page, click on "Add new sequence"

  • Enter the sequence and click "Save" to add the sequence.

  • The system will create a map based on the sequence, you can use the analysis features to learn even more about your plasmid.

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