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Equipment element

How to add instruments used in ELN pages

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Document and book instruments, from your 'Equipment' list with the "equipment element".

How to use the Equipment element:

Click anywhere on a section to open it in edit mode --> Go to 'More' drop-down --> choose 'Add equipment' 

Add instruments by typing any information related to the instrument in the search bar or scanning their barcode. Use individual checkboxes or select all to add to the page. All instruments that are found appear on the list, the presented columns can be chosen using the 3 dots icon.

Add a new instrument --> click on 'Create new equipment',

or, type it's name in the search bar and choose to add it.

The new instruments will be added to your equipment module list.

Book a time slot using the instrument calendar on the right and track maintenance status using the icons next to the instrument name.

Instrument information is updated frequently, keep track using the option "Check for updates" --> a notation appears for every change made, showing both old and new entries --> choose to accept the change or leave it as it was before.

Tip The links created when adding equipment to experiments are two-sided. The connection is reflected  on the instrument's page -->  'Experiment' or 'Protocols' tab where it is shown all experiments that used an instrument and by who. 

  • Note that any equipment that was added to experiments and protocols, cannot be deleted from the account unless it is removed from the corresponding experimental pages first. 

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