Labguru gives you the option to edit any type of files that are attached to your experiments

How does it work:

  1. Attach any type of file format to the section and open the right arrow to choose one of the options.

  2. Click on the option Local edit:

3. Download the Easy Edit app:

     4. Open the application

     5. Select the correct URL:

        *Users that belong to a private server, make sure to write the correct URL

      6. The application will automatically connect to your account, and a new Labguru page will be opened in your default browser.
      7.  From that newly opened page, access to the experiments where you have attached the files that you want to edit.

NOTE: The application icon will be automatically added to your desktop

The chosen file opens on your computer only if you have the indicated software installed. As an example, we got an excel file:

The file is opened in your computer in your Office Excel application.
Once you finish editing, click on save and the changes will automatically be saved in Labguru, and visible in the spreadsheet element that was added to page as well.

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