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How to Create Printouts of Experiments, Folders and Projects
How to Create Printouts of Experiments, Folders and Projects
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A printout of various Labguru pages can be created in 2 formats; PDF and DOCX. The pages that can be printed include experiment, protocol, document and other pages.

In order to create a printout you can follow these steps

    1. - Go to the top right of the experiment page and select either 'Print' or from the 'More' menu --> select "Export to Word".

    2. - Choose which sections and additional information you wish to include in the printout:

     3. - Adjust your printout using the options to shrink into wide content and personalize it with the header & footer, more on that can be found here.

The printout, that will open in a new tab, contains the creation date, name of experiment, the project and folder it belongs to, owner's name and then the experiment's sections and all the additional data involved.

For a folder/project show page it is possible to create a PDF printout, it includes the names of experiments and the additional information attached. You can find it directly as Print button.

On the project page there is also a project export option that allows to get printouts for all the experiments it contains.

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