December 2019

  • API documentation updated

  • 'Select All' was added to the new index pages

  • The audit trail can be viewed now for a specific page (e.g. inventory item, stock)

  • Added the option to print labels from the inventory item page > stocks tab

  • Stock custom fields can be now added to the labels

November 2019

  • New Audit trail view. We redesigned the audit trail page which now allows to track events more easily. New columns were added (actions, users, events. objects, etc) and different types of events are displayed in colors. In addition the options to filter events and print the display were added as well.

  • New beta version of collection index pages. Users can now filter and sort the list, adjust columns size and set number of samples displayed per page. The view is still under beta version and users can currently switch between the old index page and the beta version

  • New Documents index page. Users now have better filter and sort options as they already have in the Experiment index page, allowing them to create their own personal view of the page and save it.

  • Add a compound through the API. User can create a compound from the API by using the "Add a compound" end point with structure using SMILES.

  • Set a box as shared thorough the API. In addition, the API documentation for boxes has been updated.

  • Send comments from import summary pages. User can post messages and send them as emails to other members under each summary import page.

October 2019

  • When searching in a form element with a collection input field now it's possible  to enter the SysID of the item to find it. In addition, the results of the search (in the drop down) will show both name and SysID (also when searching by name).

September 2019

Volume subtraction – In addition to the weight subtraction feature a volume subtraction feature is now available. Similarly, it is now possible to subtract the volume used during an experiment from the current stock volume. The volume used will be documented on the stock page under the experiment tab.

  • Deletion of used items – from now on any items that were added to experiments or protocols (e.g. stocks, inventory samples and equipment) cannot be deleted unless they are removed from the corresponding experiment or protocol page first. 

  • Added the ability to create a parent inventory item via the API.

August 2019 

  • The "Easy Edit" app allows users to access and edit any attachment directly from Labguru pages. Files such as Prism, FlowJo, etc. can now be edited using the designated application as long as it is installed in your device.

July 2019

  • Weekly digest email now include a report of all exports made by members of the account (Available only for the account owners)

June 2019

  • The Labguru Workflow Editor - The Workflow Editor is a new Labguru add-on tool that allows users to customize and automate a series of actions and events that is in their Labguru account. The editor can be used for process automation or for data analysis (using programmatic tools like R and Python). Users that design a workflow can define what will activate it, add a series of conditions for it to continue, and then setup a chain of steps by choosing from a predefined steps toolbox, or by creating new tailored steps. To learn more, check out this article or contact Support ([email protected]).

  • Update to spreadsheet editor - added option to set custom zoom display.

May 2019

  • New stocks per item display. The Stocks view in each inventory item show page was updated. Users can now sort the list, adjust columns size and set number of stocks displayed per page. In addition, the list of the consumed stocks were separated from the active stocks.

  • Add rows to tables in forms. Users can add new identical rows to tables inside Form Elements. To enable this option the form must be linked to a dataset and have valid headers. 

  •  Update stocks' weight. Users can update the amount of stocks that they used directly in the experiment page. After adding stocks to a 'Samples & Reagents' element, the user can add how much was used from each stock and update the stocks' pages in the inventory. The information of how much was used in each experiment will also be listed in each stock show page. In addition, the system can automatically mark stocks that reached zero amount as consumed. To enable this option, the account owner needs to turn it on in the account 'Settings' page.

  • Mark parent item fields as required. A new function added to the 'Parent-Derivative' connection between collections. Admins can make the connection mandatory, meaning when users introduce new items into the inventory, they must specify a parent item in order to save it.

April 2019

  • It is possible now to use Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT) in the global search. Adding AND between two terms gives all matches that include both terms. Adding OR gives all matches that include only one of them, but not both. NOT excludes any possible matches that include the term after the operator. For example: "(soluble OR cytosolic) AND protein NOT peptide" - this search will give matches that have both the terms "soluble" and "protein" or both the terms"cytosolic" and "protein " and do not have "peptide" included in them.

  • Users can see an experiment's preview by hovering on an "i" icon next to the experiment name in the 'Experiments' page.

  • When searching a sample to add to an experiment (using the 'Samples & reagents' element), it is now possible to search by any field describing the item and not only by name or Sysid. In addition, the search results are now displayed in a much more informative table, that can be customized by the user to show the needed information.

  • The list of stocks of an item was updated to a new view that includes an option to scroll between pages when there is a large number of stocks associated to one item.

  • The 'Stocks' box on the right panel of an item page was removed.

  • The filter by owner in 'Experiments' page includes teams and a separation between former and current members was re-introduced to the new grid view.t

March 2019

  • Datasets can now be created from tables in form elements. This type of dataset allows users to document data in a table with the advantages of the form element (Having mandatory fields, max and min numeric values, drop-down lists and more) and then being able to link the data in the table to inventory items and samples or use them for analysis.

  • A new way to describe stock quantity. The units of stock concentration and volume were separated from the value itself. Now when adding concentration or volume, the user can specify the unit used, by choosing from a pre-defined list or by creating new type of units. Weight units were also added for describing stocks amount. Users can use a list of pre-existing units or create new units.

  • When an index page has more than 15 tags, it shows only the first 15 and user can view additional tags by clicking on "Show more"

February 2019

  • Labguru academy. We launch a new education platform. Users can take courses that includes video lessons and quizzes on the different module in Labguru and get a "Labguru certified user" diploma when finishing all courses. For more information on how to get access to Labguru Academy, contact Labguru's customer success team.

  • New grid view for 'Experiments' page. We have started to implement a new grid view and the first page is 'Experiments'. Users now have better filter and sort options, allowing them to create their own personal view of the page and save it. The grid is interactive, giving the users the option to choose which columns should be display and control their order and width. 

  • Company logos can now be added to PDF prints in the document's headers or footers.

  • New API endpoints - SOP's and tasks. The new actions that can now be done via the API: SOP's: Add new, List all in account, Get details, Update attributes. Tasks: List all tasks, Get only non-completed, Add new, Get details, Update attributes.

  • We re-visited the background jobs processor moving it to a newer and better system. Background jobs (any action that doesn't happen immediately, like  imports, exports or dataset creation) are now better manages and prioritizes promising better performance and faster results.

  • Users can now link datasets to other pages.

  • PDF of experiments that are created when the experiment is witnessed are now automatically adjusted to fit page width.

  • The number of stocks that can be created in a single shopping list order is now limited to 100.

January 2019 

  • Equipment maintenance. The new function allows users to describe all maintenance types that being preformed in the lab. Users can design maintenance reports, define require how often it should be done and create activity logs of all maintenance made. Users will be notified automatically when an instrument requires maintenance.

  • Document your produced samples. When part of an experiment is the creation of new samples (or stocks) users can create them in a sample element in the experiment page and mark them as the experiments' output. Output stocks will be identified in the inventory, allowing users to better separate between stocks used in experiments to those that are the product of the experiment.

  • From now, signing all the experiments in a folder does not automatically changes the folder's status to completed.

December 2018 

  • The Sample Basket. Now users can collect the samples they plan to use in an experiment that was not created yet. The samples basket is available from the top panel in any page in Labguru. Users can add samples manually or by scanning, the samples will be saved in the basket, until the user starts the experiment.

  • Projects sorting preferences are saved for future entries to 'Projects' page  

November 2018 

  • Gantt dependencies - Linking two experiments (of folders) together now ties them in a parent-child connection. Once the parent is moved, the timing of the child is being updated accordingly. It is also not possible to sign a child experiment if it's parent is not signed.

  • 'Samples' tab was added to project pages. In the new 'Samples' tab, user can view a summary of all samples added to all experiments that are part of the project. The list can also be exported as a .csv file.

  • Equipment can be added to experiments by scanning their barcode.

  • Users can update a chemical reaction element in experiments without re-calculation of the associated stochiometric table.

  • It is now possible to add to page .xlsm files.

  • We re-factored collection index pages that now load much faster.

  • The 'Select all' button in collection index pages is temporarily disabled.

October 2018

  • Stock expiry alert: Users will see now a dashboard notification when they have expired stocks in storage. The notification will be under 'Actions that require your attention' and will include a link to a list view of all the expired stocks.

  • Item's SysID and 'Alternative name' fields were added as options to be added on stock labels

  • In inventory items and stocks pages - The list of experiments that used the item/stock now includes the project and folder name for each experiment.

  • When hovering over a stock to see more information about it, it is now also shows the list of experiments that used it.

  • It is now possible to add multiple stocks into storage locations that are not grid-boxes.

  • We added new API documentation on experimental sections and tags.

  • In experiment pages - when selecting stocks of samples added to a section, the full storage path is now visible when hovered on.

  • When a 'Sample & reagents' element is added to a section, it now shows the exact time of creation and the name of the member who added the element.

  • The default names of newly created experiments and protocols now include the name of the member that started it.

  • Polish złoty is now available as currency in the inventory.

September 2018

  • Teams were added to Labguru! Admin members can now create teams in Labguru. Viewing and editing permissions can be given to teams and not only to single members. When a team's personal is updates, the view and edit setting are updated automatically. 

Equipment calibration. It is now easy to register the equipment calibration procedures and schedules to the 'Equipment'. Users can set an equipment as 'requires calibration' and document calibration events for each equipment or by bulk-calibration option for multiple instruments of the same type.
For each type of equipment users can design a calibration form.
Users will be alerted when about to use an out-of -calibration equipment in the experiment page. In addition, notifications for out-of-calibration equipment will be visible in the dashboard, the equipment module and in the weekly digest email.

  • Improvements to spreadsheets:

  1. Conditional formatting option was added. Users can set numeric rules to automatically color selected cells in the spreadsheet.

  2. Protocol designers can set sheets as protected and then mark selected cells and locked or unlocked. Once users will start an experiment the spreadsheet will keep the protection settings and will not allow it to be changes (in the experiment page).

  3. Spreadsheets can now be turned in to downloadable .csv files.

August 2018

  1. Number-only object can now be set to minimal and maximal allowed value. The designer of the protocol can set how experiments will behave when an out-of-range value will be added.

  2. Form objects can now be marked as required. User will not be able to sign experiment without adding values into required form objects. In addition, a dashboard notification will alert and send the user to list of all experiments with such invalid forms.

  3. Protocol designers can now add form objects that refer to a selected collection from the account's inventory. This allow users to quickly add names of items into forms.

  4. Protocol designers can now add form objects of members names, allowing users to quickly add a name of a member in form elements.

  • A new notification when trying to leave a page while it is being saved.

  • Email notifications are sent to user that are assigned to a new experiment, folder or project. The notification come with a link to the newly assigned page.

  • Users now receive an email notification when their export request was not completed.

July 2018

  •  Labels can be printed for boxes. From each box page, users can print labels with box-related information such as location of box or to whom it belongs. Box labels can include QR codes for simple tracing of the box inside Labguru.

  • Steps in experiments can now be signed digitally when completed with member name and date of signature.

  • Users that have access to multiple Labguru account will now be notified and redirected when having two tabs open, each on a different account.

  • The name of 'Results' section cannot be changed.

  • Account export can be done once a week, instead of once a month.

June 2018

  • Gantt chats for projects. The new project management module was launched in Beta version, introducing first Gantt charts for each project, showing all folders and experiments. The Gantt chart is automatically updated when changes are made in the experiment pages, but now the users can update the experiments also from the Gantt view. More features to be added to the project management module in the near future.

  • Refactoring whole account export - A new mechanism for exporting whole account, allowing exports to be created much faster. Accounts can be exported now once week.

  • Export collections that have more than 10,000 items are now sent to users in CSV formats, that are created much faster.

  • Label printing was added to audit trail.

  • Added note in invitation emails that invite will expire in 3 days.

  • Removed redundancy in 'Save' button in image annotation tool.

May 2018

  • Refactoring collection export - We refactored the mechanism that create the Excel export files from collection pages. Exports are now created much faster, especially when dealing with large collections.

  • Redesign the new import page - The new page is smooth and clear and should help the users to import more efficiently.

  • Following GDPR implementation,  'Address' and 'Phone' were removed from members' details.

  • Increased security when editing Excel sheets within Labguru - We added an additional security measures to when editing Excel by using the 'Remote edit'. 

  • A new export option was added to collections with sequences. Now members can request an export that will include all sequences in cases items have more than one sequence.

  • In plasmids collections - 'Sequence' columns was added as default column.

April 2018

  • Labels for plates - Account with the new label printing wizard activated can design and print labels for plates of all sizes. To learn how to activate the label wizard, contact support ([email protected]).

  • Advanced settings for the label wizard - We added an 'advanced settings' option that allow users to further modify the templates - setting the margins for text, position of logo and QR code.

  • Spreadsheets' size can now be adjusted by the user, to present more or less of the table.

  • When adding a chemical reaction to experiments, user can now set the units in stociometric table to their desire.

  • A new warning page was added when deleting a box, to minimize deletion by mistake.

  • Re-designing the 'My recent activities' section in the 'Dashboard' when there are no recent activities.

  • Removed 'Get a quote' button from account that have a CC for the payment method.

  • Removed link to 'Plasmids external directory' from plasmids index page.

March 2018

  • It is now possible to connect Google Drive files to Labguru. Users can create links that can then be added to experiment pages in the same manner as attachments. To learn how you can activate this option in your account - contact us ([email protected]).

  •  Shopping list and order history pages can be filtered by custom added fields.

  • The SDF import summary now has a full error report on all compounds that failed to be imported with the cause for failure and the exact location of the compound in the SDF. The report can also tell when the import had failed due to incompatibility of one of the compounds' attributes in the file with the collection's fields.

  • Changes in a spreadsheet that is associated with an Excel attachment will now update the attachment automatically.

  • Assigning a newly arrived stock (by using the 'Dispatch' button) will turn the assignee to the owner of the stock.

  • As part of the improvement of login security - users will now be require to reset password once every 3 months.

February 2018

  • The New Label printing wizard is released - A new way to print labels. When users click on "Print labels" in one of the stocks pages they can choose a label template to print. Admin users can create templates and design them as needed. This system also support printing of QR codes, 2D barcodes and company logos to be added to the labels. To enable this, contact support ([email protected]).

  • Unattached attachments can be added to selected sections from "Attachment" elements 

  • Color blindness accessibility - In the calendar and in Plate layouts, if the user hover on a specific color it will show the color's name.

  • Microsoft Office attachments can now be remotely edited in protocol pages.

  • Updates to billings - Updates on account expiry and CC expiry notifications, a new "Get a Quote" option.

  • Updates to global search - improving performance and search capacities.

  • Improvement to performance of experiment pages with big plates. Plate layouts are now presented as images and can be edited when clicked upon in a separate pop-up. 

  • In chemical reaction drawings, reactants can now be given different roles (Solvent, Reagent etc.).

  • Removed 'Add from product directory' button in consumables.

January 2018

  • Major updates to login process. Login is now more secured and includes the following changes:

  1. Separation to 2 steps (enter email and enter password).

  2. The account is locked after several failed login attempts - The user then gets an email where he can unlock the account and login.

  3. 2-Factor-Authentication now requires Google Authenticator. When enabled users get an email with 6-one time codes for emergency.

  • Updates to collection imports to improve performance of big imports. 

  • Updates to Folder show page - Sub-folders can be re-ordered.

  • Warning message when deleting experiments was updated to prevent deletion be mistake.

December 2017

  • Connecting your samples to experimental results with Datasets - Datasets is a powerful tool that can connect items from your lab inventory to the actual results data you add to experiments. Simply attach a data file (either Excel, CSV or other text formats) and add it as a dataset. Labguru will then scan and find any item in file that exists in your inventory and present the relevant data the item’s page.

  • Enhancing the signing and witnessing process - Witnesses can now send signed experiments back to their owners for correction and add comments. In addition, we added a requirement to enter your personal password to complete each step of the process to increase data integrity  

  • New permissions in protocols - User viewing and editing permission setting were expanded to include also the protocol module. From now, the protocol owner (and admin members) in the account can edit protocols. They can also give editing permission to selected members via a new button in the 'More' Menu. In addition, the protocol owner can define which members can view this protocol.  

  • Creating new inventory items from the experiment page - To this existing function we have added to option to create new items that belongs to collection with mandatory fields. Once the user creates a new item, s/he asked in a new pop-up, to fill the mandatory fields of the collection.

  • Content field is now a mandatory field when adding new stocks to boxes.

November 2017

  • Chemical properties for Compounds collection - We connected our Compounds collection to an external database of compounds that can calculate and display a variety of chemical properties. Users can now select from the collection customization page which properties they want to see in the compound's show page. This requires the user to add compound with valid structure so the database will be able to recognize it. 

  • We added the option to lock the samples list you create in protocols, so when members of the account starts an experiment from that protocol, they can only add stocks to the samples, but cannot remove or edit the list. This feature is to add more options for accounts that look to use form-like experiments, going together with our recent Form element feature.   

  • When checking for updates in Samples element in experiment pages, you can now accept or reject all changes in one click.  

  • Signed & Witnessed documents can now be archived. 

  • Full account exports can be done once a month.

October 2017

  • Forms to Datasets - Users can connect a Form element they create in protocols to a dataset that will gather all the information entered in the experiments in one list. 

  • New filter options for projects - User can now filter projects by tags, members and date ranges. 

  • Customize the 'Role management' tab - Admin users can now edit the list of roles in 'Role management' tab in 'Settings'. User can edit, remove and add new roles.

  • We added to the Weekly digest email a section that shows a list of experiments that were not updated in the past week.

  • Users can now add 'Confidential' to PDF print outs of ELN pages, by adding it to the header or footer of the page.

  • Parent items were added as columns to the collection list view.

September 2017

  • A new box show page - The new page layout works smoother and is more intuitive for the user to work with and do the desired actions (duplicate, re-position stocks and more).

  • Labguru WorkFlows - Introducing a brand new function in Labguru, the WorkFlows. With WorkFlows Labguru users can design automated scripts, specifically designed to there account and research work, that will manipulate and analyze attachments added to experiments. WorkFlows are also useful when there is a need to create a connection between your Labguru account to any other applications you are working on. To know more about Labguru WorkFlows, please contact our support ([email protected]).

  • Connecting chemical compounds to experiments - When a chemical compound are drawn in an experiment page, a new compounds are created in the account compounds collection, with a direct link back to the experiment where it was first described.        

  • Improvements were made to collection import page and to export shopping list history to make them work faster.

August 2017

  • Viewing other members' calendars - Users can add to their calendar the events of other members in the account, and pick a color for each member.             

  • 'Projects' index page got a new look, with a more intuitive display. We will also add new options to the page further on.   

  • Privileges are now connected to roles - Privileges can now be set to roles instead of specific members. This is the first step in our plan to improve the control and regulation on what members can see and do in the account. Following in the future will be the ability to add, remove or edit roles and adding more privileges.

  • PowerPoint attachments can be added to page and can be edited with PowerPoint within Labguru.

  • Sharing your projects with collaborators - A new module to replace the old shared-projects links. Users now have better control over to whom they send project-sharing links. Users can now view all their collaborators and also deactivate any link that was sent.

July 2017

  • Export and import of plate layouts via Excel - Plate layout elements can now be exported to Excel sheets and copied back into other experiments in Labguru. 

  • A new import index page for collections - A new page was added that allows users to view all imports made in the account. The user can enter the summary page of each import and see it's results with all the details.

  • Sequence-related columns and 'Created at' column were added to import and export collection Excels.

  • Archiving equipment is now available - It is now possible to archive equipment, hence taking them out of commission without deleting them entirely from the account. All records and details are kept and the equipment is removed from the active list.                               

  • Spreadsheets that were generated from Excel attachments are now automatically synced when editing the attachment via the 'Remote edit' option.

  • Inline editing in collection index pages was re-introduced.

June 2017

  • Create form-like experiments - Users can now design more structured experiments in the protocol stage by adding Form elements that once an experiment is started from the protocol the performer of the experiment will be able to interact only them rather than adding text freely.

  • Adding a cover page to experiments - As part of the plan to improve PDF presentation of experiments, users can now a cover page and edit it as needed.

  • Quick navigation tool for the ELN - Users can now navigate quickly in the ELN module, browsing through their projects, folders and experiment without the need to go from one page to another.

May 2017

  • New 'Reports' module - A new module in 'Knowledgebase' menu, that allows users to group together sections from several experiment to create a report.

  • Edit privileges for stocks - Stocks can now set as private, making sure that no other member can edit or delete the stock

  • Import/export/update of equipment - As part of Our effort to expand and improve the import option, users can now import, export and update equipment using Excel sheets.

  • Adding headers and footers to PDF prints - As part of our effort to improve the visualization of experiment printout to PDF files. For each experiment, users can now add their own header & footer settings.

April 2017

March 2017

  • New import templates - We re-designed the import templates to make them more interactive - showing drop-down lists for lists fields and adding hints at the header of each column.

  • Editing privileges in experiments - By default, experiments can now be edited only by the experiment owner, the project owner and admin members. If needed, the owner can give permissions to other members.

February 2017

  • New plate element - The new plate layout design element is here! With the new element users can quickly add samples that were added to the experiment, add concentrations, annotations and symbols to create a beautiful and easy to read plate layout display in their experiments.

January 2017

  • Linking collections together - We added an option to create parent-child connections between samples from different collection (E.g. a cell line that is a product of of a plasmid). 

December 2016

  • Custom fields can be added the shopping list - We added the option to add custom-made fields to orders in the shopping list.

November 2016

  • New filters were added to the experiments index page - We added the option to filter experiment by tags, dates and members.

  • New dashboard - The dashboard was re-designed to give more attention to action boxes that require the user to do.

  • Customization of fields in the samples element - We added the option to choose which information fields the users will see in the experiment page in the 'Samples & reagents' element.

October 2016

  • Custom fields for stocks - We added the option to add custom-made fields to stocks, similarly to what is available in the inventory collections.

  • Sub folders can be added to folders - Sub-folders allows the users to add more levels to their ELN structure, opening unlimited folder within other folders.

  • Inventory collections - option to set the number of items per page.

September 2016

  • Labguru is now compatible with tablets and mobiles - Mobile users can login to their Labguru account from their mobile devices using the device's internet browser for maximal Labguru experience.

  • The primer's sequence is sound out - When adding / editing a primer, click on the "Say" button and listen to the sequence.

  • The weekly digest email includes recent 5 suggestions from UserVoice.

August 2016

  • Pinned items in the Recently Viewed list.

  • The customized fields per Inventory collection was increased to 100 (instead of 20 fields)

  • Experiments can be flagged as a “Successful” or “Failed”. It allows locating successful experiments on the Experiments index page.

  • Improvements in the Samples table for Experiments and Protocols. The search for existing samples is faster and new samples can be created easily in the table itself. More data is being displayed on the table.

July 2016

  • The "Edit selected" tool was added to all bio-collections

  • The transition to the new design for the Folder page was finalized.

  • On the shopping list, service orders appear now on a separate page.

  • The transition to the new design for Project page was finalized.

  • New collaboration mode allows users to work simultaneously on the same page and collaborate efficiently with other lab members. You can see how many users are viewing a certain page. In addition, sections are blocked to users while other users are editing them.

  • On My Dashboard, in order to see more than first 5 experiments that need to be witnessed, you can click on "See more".

  • The "save" button is now disabled during the upload process of an image.

June 2016

  • The transition to the new design of the Papers and Recipes modules and the image and attachment show page was finalized. 

  • In order to prevent data loss that occurs when users work off-line and then try to save their data, we added a warning message that appears when user works off-line.

  • The export stocks file is now identical to the import stocks file template.

  • Unattached images (taken with the mobile app) can be attached again to an experiment.

  • Discussion area was added to the bottom of the experiment page.

  • Linked resources can be added to an experiment from the More menu on the top of the page.

May 2016

  • The transition to the new design of the experiment, protocol, and document pages was finalized.

  • The text editor was upgraded so users can now copy and paste text, images, and tables from excel and word documents without losing their formatting.

  • The "recently viewed items" list was moved to the header in order to help our users to navigate through the system more easily.

  • "Plates" module was added to the storage & equipment section. Plates that were created on protocols or experiment pages are being added automatically to the plate storage page where a storage location for the plate can be set.

  • Users with the privileges to witness experiments can now see on their dashboard the list of "signed experiment for witnessing".

April 2016

  • Expanded the options for inline attachment in experiment page. The following attachment can also be viewed on page: PDF and images

  • Added the option to set low stocks alerts (thresholds) for inventory item. Available under inventory item show page -> stocks tab. A notification can be sent via email immediatly and on the weekly digest as well as a notification on the dashboard.

  • The Export process was turned to a Background Job. Now an email with a link to download the export file is sent

  • Added the option to sort columns on experiments index table

  • Improved the loading time of experiment page

March 2016

  • Added the sequence field to all of our generic modules. It can be added by marking it on the customize page. This includes adding the sequences tab and adding the field to the import template

  • Added the option to work on boxes from the storage tree/ module

  • Terminology change - no longer split delete function for stocks. Consumed stock can be 'marked as used'. Used stocks will no longer be associated with storage location but all the relevant information will be kept. Permanently deletion of stocks can be done from the used stocks index page/ show page.

  • Improved the loading of the new experiment page. Sections are now loaded by demand when viewed.

February 2016

  • New Feature - duplicate the entire project

  • Update our text element to the latest version.

  • User's preference are kept. Users that will work on beta will remain on beta. The option to switch to current is still available.

  • Improve the blue tabs to show more details for each section.

  • Department protocol repository was added to departments accounts. Allowing users to share protocols with all Labguru users or/ and only with other users from their department.

January 2016

  • Moved to UserVoice as our FAQ & Feature request platform

  • Experiment page - beta version, added the following functions: 1) Inline comments - add comment by marking text and clicking on the comment icon from the toolbar. Comment can be edit or deleted. Users can reply to comment. 2) Inline attachments - added the option to download and delete attachments. 3) Inline links - search for other items in Labguru and link to them

  • Inventory modules - Selecting items from index table and clicking on 'export', will export only selected items

  • Added the option to add stocks to Genes module items

December 2015

  • Added the following features to the experiment beta version: 1) Inline attachments - Attachments can be added to all section (still work in progress to allow deleting and downloading documents and show progress bar). 2) Inline links - Added the option to link to recently viewed items (still work in progress to search items and link to them). 3) View experiment versions. 4) Move experiments between projects and folders. 5)Add tags to experiment.

  • Added a new arrow button next to the blue 'New Experiment' button to allow the following functions: 1) Start new experiment from protocol. 2) Start new protocol. 3) Start new document. 4) Start new project.

  • Changed the default notification when scheduling an event (setting a date range) in a project to 'notify only me'

  • Improved the loading times of index table pages

November 2015

Added more features to the experiment beta version:

  1. Sign and witness experiments

  2. Added the option to re-order steps

  3. Plate element

  4. Table tool bar

  5. Delete experiment

October 2015

  • New stock capabilities combining storage options for consumables and other inventory items (until recently we distinguish between them). We also added more stock options for managing histology blocks and slides in Labguru.

  • Added the option to set cage storage location

  • Added the bulk edit option to make it easier to move mice between cages.

  • Comments Improvements: A comment will now show which users received it. It will automatically check / select the previous members from the last comment - including the person who wrote it.

August 2015

  • Added the option to set increasing/decreasing sample concentration in plate's wells. Follow this short movie to learn how it work.

July 2015

  • Rodent - added the option to edit treatment from the treatments table

  • Rodent cages - changed the treatment tab to show all the cage treatments (timeline ordered), instead of the old add treatment form. Clicking on add treatment will redirect to the new add treatment page with the cage specimens selected 

  • iPad raffle started - invite your friends and colleagues to try Labguru. Every signup will qualifies as an entry in the raffle

  • Added the possibility to customize the default fields in the collections module

  • Added the option to 'add treatment' also from the specimen index table

  • Simplified the experiment page - removed 'procedures notes', 'procedures results', 'notes' and 'conclusions' titles from new empty experiment page

June 2015

  • Moved protocols module to be under 'e-notebook' instead of under 'knowledge base'

  • New feature: two factor authentication option, available under 'my profile' (set as 'off' by default)

  • New feature: start new experiment straight from the calendar page.

  • Improved the experiment index page: added the option to filter by users

  • Added the option to convert a single procedure within an experiment into a protocol, or just duplicate it into a new experiment.

  • Added the option to duplicate recipes

  • Added the option to crop images: one click to annotate and double click to crop

  • New designated module for rodent treatments! 1.Add a treatment to several cages/specimens at once. 2.Track their treatment plan. 3.Use the treatment page to view and complete your daily treatment schedule

  • Add new experiment faster - Define type of procedure only when in the experiment page itself.

  • Select, Delete and Edit tubes now also available from the box view

May 2015

  • Rename 'Research' module as 'e-Notebook'

  • New experiment index added under 'e-Notebook', to view experiments updated in chronological order

  • Upgraded the table element to allow more Excel-like capabilities: better copy from Excel work sheets, formulas and toolbar

  • Newly added experiments will be automatically named 'yyyy-mm-dd experiment xxx' instead of 'untitled experiment'

  • Rename 'Milestone' as 'Folders'

  • New feature: search by compounds structure (available if 'Draw compound' opt-in on setting)

  • New 'Reaction' element: draw chemical reactions to analyze them with stoichiometric table (available if 'Draw compound' opt-in on setting).

  • Rodent module: added new option to reserve specimen

April 2015

  • General search - fix bugs and improve it to return better results

  • Document and attachment pages improvements to allow faster loading

  • Improved the recently viewed feature - present the last 10 viewed items in the last month (instead of 5 items in the last 24hr)

March 2015

  • Share protocols - All Labguru users can know share their protocol with other Labguru users

  • Experiment page improvements to allow faster loading of the page

  • View linked resources from the index table for Bio collection modules

February 2015

  • Added the option to draw compounds in research and protocols

  • New option to create grid-less box, allow to create box with no grid (only a list of the tubes in the box with no position)

  • Extended the fields that can be edit inline in our modules index table

  • Labelguru - added the option for multiple labels printing in boxes and experiments samples

January 2015

  • Collaboratively edit MS office files

  • Added the option to create more than one empty box in one time (from creating new box form)

  • Customize email notifications from the system (set reminders and shopping list related emails)

  • GenBank files can now be uploaded into plasmids

  • Added the option to add hints into customize fields

December 2014

  • New repositories option in collection. The repositories allow you to share your samples information withe colleagues

  • Expand our audit trail to experiment

  • Improve our audit trail in experiment and document - filter between versions by update date or user

  • Solved the google calendar sync problem and improved the calendar features (edit and drag and drop events)

November 2014

  • New and shorter navigation bar

  • Adding new items straight from plate or sample features

  • Bulk action for tubes - tag, delete an edit tubes from box, inventory items and tubes page

  • improve page uploading to be faster

  • Added 48 wells plate

  • improved the recipe print

  • Customize fields - added the option to create a custom pre-define list

October 2014

  • Allowing to review and edit MS office files in Labguru using Zoho (currently not available to local installations)

  • Formatting steps - apply style option in experiment steps such as color, superscript, bold and more

  • Shopping list print improved - allow to print materials per vendors

  • Added the option to re-order experiments in milestone page

September 2014

  • SMS notification - to receive an SMS notification from Labguru when the timer of one of the steps in an experiment has counted down to zero.

  • Materials import has been improved to allow creation of the storage locations in the same process

  • In experiments - option to un-complete experiments.

  • Visualization of link - Click on the compass signand see the links map

  • Email notifications templates were redesigned

  • Search in PubMed is better explained

  • Plate elements in Experiments and Protocols - building your plate (with an option to choose between different sizes) and setting samples and wells

August 2014

  • Advanced Search and customized table view in Boxes

  • Calendar tab for each research project to show only the relevant events and tasks

  • Print by vendors to PDF the shopping list

  • Print experiments to PDF with the ability to include only selected procedures

  • Shortened the process of adding an item from Molecular or Specimen to the Shopping List

  • Customize the Rodents Cages modules

  • Customized fields - new type of fields to use (date, URL, numbers and regular string) with an option to set a field as required.

July 2014

  • New and improved navigation bar

  • Viewing your Microsoft Office documents within Labguru

  • Monthly expenses graph for each material

  • Import option from an Excel template directly into the Sequences module

June 2014

  • Shared projects

  • Archived option to Protocols, Documents and SOPs

  • Sample management - a new feature for protocols and experiments to list the actual samples and tubes that were used in a procedure

May 2014

  • Archived tubes - You can choose between deleting the tube or archiving it. You will keep the record but free the space in your boxes

  • The project page was updated and divided to tabs to allow you easily find all the related attachments, documents and papers associated with this research

  • Email notification to due tasks

  • The account owner can set the account as 'Public resource sharing' - projects, molecular and specimen items can be shared in the future by the users

April 2014

  • Completed experiments show in the Recent results page (for account owners)

  • Inline editing of customized field in table view

  • Option to archive tubes that their record is important (deletion will cause lost the information) and you want to free some space in the box.

  • Filter for unattached files and images in Attachments and Image Bank modules

  • Inline editing (edit in the table index pages) of customized fields

March 2014

  • Daily digest email for orders (instead of one email per order).

  • Autosave for Tables, Steps and Text (relevant to Documents, Protocols and Experiments)

  • Bulk editing in Specimen Rodents.

  • Mark all - you can select all the items you have within one module or several items in each page.

  • Customize the Materials modules to your needs.

  • Tasks and completed tasks are now shown in one index page or next to the item they belongs to.

  • Move tube to another box by editing it and assigning it to a different box.

February 2014

  • SOPs for industrial accounts.

  • Annotations for images.

  • Completed steps and experiment. The completed experiment is one step before the sign & lock by the PI.

  • Tubes index page is fully functional like any other index page (advance search, sort, tags and so).

  • The comment box is narrower, allow you to read the last comment you reply to.

  • Create a tube from a box and connect it to the sample its belongs to.

  • A new look for Molecular and Specimen items - Tabs to separate between different information (Info, Tubes, Order History, etc.)

January 2014

  • New Plasmids Database - over 70k plasmids from DNASU

  • Recently viewed items - In each page you will find, on the right hand side, a list of the last 5 items you visited. Use this list for fast navigation and to linking.

  • Recipes Database - Search and add to your account.

  • Table view for boxes has now show more information and allow adding and editing tubes.

  • Table object in Experiments and Protocols - A simple table to let you copy&paste from Excel and to keep your records updated while you are working.

December 2013

  • New table object in Experiments and Protocols that allows, among others, copy&paste from Excel

  • Boxes module - the table view of a box holds more information and more functional

November 2013

  • Duplicate in Molecular and Specimen modules

October 2013

  • Experiments and Protocols upgrades with several procedures and save from experiment to protocol option

  • Recipes module. Short video of how to build your recipes module

  • Shopping list updates - another level of approval, filter by dates, search materials in the shopping list and in the order history.

  • General search that index all fields and module.

September 2013

  • Antibodies Online database has been added to our product database, available in the Antibodies module

  • Select the exact location of a tube in a box while creating it and assigning it from the item's page.

  • Inline editing in Specimen and Molecular modules.

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