Labguru is a saas product. Data is saved on a strictly secured server* yet accessible from anywhere anytime via password. All communication with the server is encrypted.

All data stored on Labguru servers is backed up on a daily basis to a separate server within our data center. Our server hosts provide us with a daily image of all servers that is saved at least 7 days. This can provide us with quick backup in case one of our servers crashes. In addition, we dump all of our databases once a day into Amazon's S3 file cloud service as an additional backup strategy. All communication between our servers and within the app is secured/encrypted using SSL (256bit traffic encryption (AES-256). The DB and files are stored on secure hosts
Furthermore, Labguru does allow you to keep a local back up of information, using our "Data Export" feature (available for account owners). This system-wide export will convert all of your Labguru data into useable formats (PDF, Excel, etc.) so that you can open it without access to the Labguru site. You can run this export up to once a week so that you can keep an up-to-date copy of your information. We also offer module by module export (available for account members).

Note - We offer an option for an encrypted private cloud.

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