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Share knowledge and start research discussions with your team
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Improve your team communication and make research discussion easier and more accessible.

There are several ways in Labguru to communicate with other team members:

1. Write a remark on a specific sentence using inline comments in an experiment or a protocol's page. You can add comments directly attached to a certain sentence within a section in an experiment or a protocol, any team members with view permission would see the comment and be able to reply.
You can also assign the comment to a specific members who will receive an e-mail notification.

Highlight the text you want and click on the chat icon in the tool bar.

A pop-window opens to the right, write the comment and add notifications if you want.

The text that relates to the comment is highlighted in blue.

2. Start a research conversation using the discussion section of any of Labguru's modules pages (Experiment, Protocols, Documents, Recipes, Collection items, Stocks...).  All comments will be visible to all members that have view permission, being able to participate in the discussion.
A comment can be specifically send to a colleague, who will get an e-mail notifications.
Don't forget to click "Post Comment" once you finish!

3. Send a Tasks to a colleague. Tasks are actions that need to be taken care of right away. They can be sent from the dashboard or from your research pages.

To create a new task click on "New task". A new window opens for you to populate the details and assign it to the relevant lab member.
The assignee will also see the task appearing on his dashboard. 

4. Write general posts using the Whiteboard, that can be deleted or archived by any of the account's members.
This is the place to write general temporary posts, such as the need to prepare solutions, notifications to the whole lab and so on. The whiteboard posts are accessible from all members dashboard under the tab "Whiteboard".
Post that are not relevant anymore  can be archived if you want to keep a trace of them and can be viewed by clicking on "View archive".

5. Sending private messages to chosen members.
Labguru offer the possibility of private messaging.
Go to "Messages" under the Labguru icon on the right. Write a message and check the names of the members you want to send this message.

The receiver will get an e-mail notification that includes the content of the message and a link to reply in Labguru.

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