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Reports: A Way to Compare data from Several Experiments
Reports: A Way to Compare data from Several Experiments

Reports in Labguru allows experiment data comparison and analysis

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To get a significant result, researchers usually repeat an experiment several times. The ability to compare and analyze all those experiments data can be done by using the Report feature

How to create a Report

  1. From the 'Knowledge' module --> reports

2. Create a new report or access to one of your existing reports

How to add data

Navigate to any of your experiment/project/document sections and click on the “more” menu button and choose the “Copy sections to” option:

A new window will open where you can select which sections to copy into a report:

Lastly, choose whether you wish to duplicate your selected sections into an existing report or create a new one:

Another option is to copy one section only. Click on the “Copy to” in your desired section and select the “Copy to report” button:

The section will be copied as-is with the attachments into the report page.

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