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Create your own scientific library within the system
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Collect your scientific library in Labguru with the Paper Module that allows you to upload papers that are relevant to your research or that you feel are interesting.

The paper can be shared with other members in you lab and be linked to PDFs and images.
In addition, You and your lab mates can also comment on each paper page.

How to use the Papers Module

1.Click on “Knowledgebase” and then on “Papers”

2. How to add a paper : 

       2.1 - Click on “New Paper”.
The 'New Paper' function allows you to manually enter the information about the Paper and uploading a PDF file.

       2.2 - Searching it in Pubmed and adding it to your library.

The 'PubMed search' allows you to import a paper from PubMed by performing a search of the keywords, PMID or title of the Paper (simply fill out the search term and hit enter). In addition, It is possible to use quotation marks if you need to find an exact term or title (e.g. "Exact term").
Once you find the paper/s you wish to add, just click on the green plus icon on the left and the paper is added. An added paper will be marked with a black V

       2.3 - By importing and EndNote XML library.
Browse for your .xml file and import it into your Labguru account by clicking the upload button. 

3.Once a paper is added you can enter its page, to upload the PDF file, print the page, add it to favorites and link it to other pages in Labguru. In the page you will also see some statistics from the Altmetric widget and learn more on the social-media impact of the paper.

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