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Keep track of your rodent specimen faster by storing them in cages

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Store and organize your rodent specimen in Labguru using the cages module, which will help you to keep track of all your account's specimens quicker. 

How to create cages 

1. Go to the inventory module > rodents >click on 'Cages' in drop down menu

2. Customize your cage information, as in other collection, add new fields or remove unnecessary one. 

3. Add new cages, manually or using the Cage import function to populate in bulk with all the specimen included.

The table of the cages view can be also customized to pull out the information you need to see immediately in the cages list by clicking on the three dots next to any of the table columns and selecting which fields you wish to see. 

The cage page

1.Click on one cage from your list (see picture above) 

2. Under the 'Specimens' tab you can see all specimen store in the cage, add new specimens or move specimen from other cages simply by clicking on 'Add specimens'.
To move specimens from the cage to other cages, you can use the 'Edit selected' option. Mark the specimen you want to move, click on 'Edit selected' and choose a new cage in the window opened. This function can be useful when it is time to wean the mice and move them to their own cages.

3. Create new specimen littler from one existing female and male specimens. 

4. On the 'Treatment' tab you can see all treatments done in purple and planed for the specimen within the cage and create new treatments (click here to learn more about creating treatments)

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