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Documenting Mice Treatments
Documenting Mice Treatments
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Document all treatments you've done or plan to do in Labguru's Treatments module.

1.Go into your 'Treatments' page from the rodents sub-menu.

You'll see all scheduled treatments, divided into current, future and past treatments. You can also start new treatments.

2. When adding a new treatment, it is mandatory to give a name and schedule a date. In addition you can link it to an existing protocol.

To link a protocol to a treatment, you first need to define it as 'Rodent protocol', by clicking on 'Manage protocols' and drag the protocols that are relevant to the 'Rodent Protocols' box.
 The protocols will still be available to all other experiments in the ELN, but now will also appear in the quick drop-down menu when adding new treatments.

3.Manage the treatments of a single specimen. In a specimen page, under the 'Treatments' tab, you can see all treatments scheduled, edit or remove them and add new treatments.

4. Add treatments to groups of mice from the specimens index, just mark the specimen you want and choose 'Add treatment'.

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