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Customizing your Rodent Collections
Customizing your Rodent Collections

Add the right properties to your rodent collection to have the correction information of your strain and rodents.

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As in other collections in the inventory, you can completely customize your rodent collections. Before starting populating your rodents strain and specimen library, make sure you add the right information fields to describe your item properly.

The strain and specimens collection come with pre-defined fields that are most commonly used, but you may want to add, change or remove fields so it will fit more your need. 

How to customize 

1. click on the cog icon in the top right corner in their index pages, and choose 'Customize'.

2. A new window opens, where you can add or remove all the pre-defined field that Labguru offers.
You can also create new custom fields and then edit or remove them, it's that easy!

After you finish customizing both the strain and the specimen collection, separately, you can proceed to populate your library.

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