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How to Add New Strains and Specimens
How to Add New Strains and Specimens
Learn how to populate your rodent strain and specimen library
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Once you have you strains and specimens collections customized according to your need, it is time to start populating them.

IMPORTANT - Before populating your rodents collections, make sure you have all the needed fields to describe you strains and specimens by customizing them properly.

How to add rodents specimen and strains

1. Manually: As in other collections, you can add new rodents strains and specimens one by one by clicking on 'New rodent strain'/'New rodent specimen' in the index pages. This will open up a page in which you can enter all the information you wish to record.

2.Importing: Populate in bulk your library with the import function. First start with strains, and then continue to your specimens.

When dealing with multiple strains/specimens or when already having a digital copy of your collections, you can use the 'Import' function that is available when clicking on the cog icon on the right.
To import your collection, just click on 'Import', download Labguru's import template table, in excel format, and fill in all the information you wish.
Note: filling in all the columns is not mandatory, to upload successfully the table you only need to fill in the name column. 

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