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Managing your Rodent Colonies in Labguru
Managing your Rodent Colonies in Labguru

Manage your rodents colonie in Labguru with our Rodents inventory collection module

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The Rodent collection in Labguru is a special collection. We have implemented many improvements to make this collection best suited for labs who use mice models in their research, and have a need for more specific options to document their work properly.

When hovering over 'Rodents' under the 'Inventory' Tab you will see 4 options:


Strains is where you gather all the information about the different strains that are involved in your research. Like any other bio-collection, you can customize the fields that describe each strain and add new strains manually or by importing. 


Specimens is where you document all the individual animals in your lab. You can enter all information needed, such as date of birth, parenthood, sex, status and more. You can customize the description fields, add new specimens, add treatments and put selected specimens in cages.


Create new cages, and have an overview on how many specimens you have in each cage. Click on a specific cage to get a view on all specimens inside, move specimens from other cages to it, or add new litter mates. Click here to learn about all the features in 'Cages' page.


Get a list of all current, future and past treatments, start new treatments or edit existing ones. (Click here to learn how).

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