Create graphs, in experiments, from your spreadsheet data in Labguru. 


1. Create an spreadsheet element, entering the data manually into spreadsheet element or  adding an Excel attachment to page.
2. Mark the data cells you want to include and click on 'Add graph' on the right side of the toolbar.

The system will automatically generate the graph that will appear right below the spreadsheet:

3. Edit the graph to your needs, change it's type (Scatter, bars, area and more) ,add legend and titles:

In the Axis tab you can name the X-Y Axis, revert them and set a maximum value:

In addition, you have the option to add trendlines, Linear, polynomic or exponential. 

The system will generate the line's formula and coefficient of determination (r^2). You can extract X and Y values at every point in the line just by hovering over it.

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