When are videos recorded?
To allow effective documenting, recording starts automatically when the video room is created. The member who opened the room can turn it off at any moment .During recording a red highlighted message right beneath the video window will appear for all the members in the room indicating that the session is being recorded.

Where are the videos stored?
Recordings are temporarily stored in an AWS S3 bucket (of our video provider partner Daily.co). They are then downloaded into the Labguru account and fully deleted from the partners’ storage. All video recordings are encrypted.

Are the video recordings backed up?
Once the video recording is in the Labguru account it is backed up like any other attachment in the account.
The operation of the video session and the processing of the videos are performed by our partner Daily.co and are provided as a convenience and NOT as a mission critical service.

What type of encryption are we using?
The recorded videos are encrypted using 256-bit encryption by our video provider Daily.co.

Is the video recording length capped?
Each recording is limited to 3-hours maximum.

How many users can be on the same chat?
Up to 8 cameras per session.

Can I use LabRoom on any browser?
Chrome, FireFox and Safari (in the last two without screen sharing)

Is LabRoom mobile compatible?
Yes, Android users use Chrome; iOS use Safari. 

Can I invite people outside of my Labguru account to LabRoom?
No, people need to have an active Labguru license to join and they need to be in the same account. LabRoom is intended to be used by members of the same lab or account.

Can I attach the video recording to a Labguru page?
Yes, the option to link your recordings to a Labguru page will be available in the following versions.

How can I delete a video?
From the attachment page in Labguru. You can access the page from the “Unattached files” notification in the dashboard. 

Why is LabRoom better than using other services like Zoom or Google Hangouts?
LabRoom allows you to use video conference call directly on any Labguru page you are currently working on, and later you will be able to link the recording of the calls to the relevant Labguru page for documentation. You don't need to open an additional software and start inviting people. 

What happens when I move to another Labguru page?
When you move to another page, the connection in the video chat room will continue automatically.

Can I re-join a lab room after I left it?
Yes, at the top of the LabRoom menu you can see all the rooms you were part of. If you are not in one of them already, you have the option to re-join. 

Who can invite additional participants to a LabRoom?
Anyone that is part of a room can invite more members to join by simply clicking on the “+” sign next to the invitee name.

Will  "Lab Rooms" created by others be listed in my account under the LabRoom menu?
No, you can see only rooms you created or were invited to.


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