Labguru now offers a video chat tool right within the Labguru ELN and allows easy documenting of the session.

Initiating a video chat with LabRoom
Once connected into the system, you will be able to see lab members that are currently connected to Labguru at the LabRoom pop up (bottom left).
Easily connect with that person, by calling him. Once this person is on the call it will appear next to his/her name ("In call").
You will be able to see the labmates that are currently in the "Room", above the list of lab members.
To invite an additional member to the "Room" - Just click on the plus icon next to his name.

Additional functions
At the bottom of LabRoom video chat you can find functions such as turning on/off your video and microphone, as well as sharing your screen. 

Recording a session
While holding a video conference call, you also have the option to record the session. A red message at the bottom of the video chat screen shows the recording time. Before leaving the session, the application will ask you first to stop the recording and will save it.
The saved recorded files can be accessed through the unattached attachments box in the dashboard, and you would be able to save them later within the context in the relevant project or experiment:

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