Labels for stocks, plates, equipment and boxes can easily be printed in Labguru using the Label Wizard which supports printing labels with QR codes, 2D barcodes and your organization's logo.

How to print labels

  1. Printing is available from stocks, plates, equipment and boxes pages. Click on 'Print label(s)' in the object's page or print labels for multiple objects from a list display. 

2. Choose the right label template.

3. Click on 'Print', a PDF window will open to finalist the printing process. Make sure your label printer is connected to your network and choose it from the 'Print' menu in the PDF.

How to create and design templates for labels

Admin users can create as many custom templates as needed for the team to use. Templates can vary in size and in content.

1. Go into the Label Wizard and start a new template by clicking on '+ Add template'. You can also edit existing labels by clicking on the 'Edit' button.

2. Select label dimensions (in mm) and choose a name for the template, to make your team knows which templates to use.
3. Select what information should appear on the label by adding and naming fields.
4. Add code format (Barcode or QR code) if needed. Organization logos can also be added to the label if it was previously uploaded under account settings. QR codes code for the page url and can help you quickly identify a stock, even by using your mobile phone. Barcodes allow to quickly add samples and equipment to your experiments.

5. Templates can be further edited when clicking on 'Advanced setup', where you can move and position the QR code and logo, choose font sizes, margins and width:

Tested printers:

We tested printing with the following printers:

NOTES: The Label wizard is a paid add-on tool, to enable this feature in your account please contact support ([email protected]). Third-party hardware and labels are not directly supported or endorsed by Labguru. 

In case you require rectangle + circle shape Thermal transfer or direct thermal labels, we tested labels for the ability to print and read the label correctly with the above mentioned printers.

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