The box layout allows to see the current situation of the box and the actions that can be done.

Box actions:
Edit -
Change any of the box properties, note that changing the content type restricts the type of stocks that can be added to that box from then on.
Delete -
you can delete the box with all the stocks in it, note that the delete is permanent.
Export -
export the stocks in that box as a  list to excel
Print -
allows to print the box layout as a PDF
Print label -
allows to print a label for the box (requires the LabelWizard)

Stock actions:
Add a new stock
: Select the desired position and click on the plus icon

Re-position : Change the position of a stock within the same box 

  1. Select the desired stocks

  2. Click on the reposition icon (see image below)

  3. Select the new position

Duplication of stocks: Create new stocks, duplicated from an existing one, within the same box.

  1. Select a stock

  2. Click on the duplication icon (see image below)

  3. Select the slots within that box where you want to place the duplicated stocks

The duplicate feature can be performed any number of times, to create as many aliquots as needed.

In addition, you can also edit a stock, mark it as consumed, dispatch to other workspaces or print it's label, directly from the stock's position:

Edit multiple stocks at once: Select the stocks, by dragging your mouse over their position, then pick the needed action.
When two or more stocks are selected, the bulk actions icons will appear in dark blue and available for selection:

NOTE:To view the stock info, you can hover on the info icon in the stock well

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