To ensure a higher standard of research and to comply with FDA21 CFR/11 code of federal regulation, completed experiments, protocols, documents and SOPs can be signed, witnessed/rejected.

This is a two-step procedure, involving two separate group members: any participant in the experiment can sign, but only authorized members can witness or reject.

The account owner has witnessing privileges and can give these privileges to whom he chooses. To learn how to control members privileges - click here.

Witnesses receive a notification regarding the needed action, and after reviewing, they can approve or reject, this action is accompanied by a comment section.

How to Sign, Witness and Reject a document?

  1. After you completed the editing process of your document you can sign it.

Signed experiments cannot be edited. Comments can still be written in the discussion thread. The signature can be reverted, making it editable again.

2. Once the document is signed, a pop up window will open with the option to add a comment. In addition, an indication with the signer's name and time of signing will appear under the experiment's name in green, and a notice is sent to the account's owner and members with witnessing privileges.

3. When the member with witnessing privilege opens the experiment, there are two options: either to witness, locking it permanently or to reject it, reverting the signature and making editable again.

For every signing, witnessing and rejecting actions the login credentials are required.

These features apply to protocols, SOPs and documents.

For visual information on how this feature works, click here

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