Draw in any experiment or protocol chemical compounds and reactions, using Marvin JS, a third party service.
Compounds from your inventory collection can be also added to experiment using the "Sample & Reagents" element.
To be able to view and create a compounds collection, go to 'New collections & settings' from the inventory drop-down menu (Available only to admin members) and check the box next to 'Compounds'.

Add compounds & Reactions

1.Add a new compound or create using MarvinJS --> click anywhere on the section to open the edit toolbar --> click on 'More' --> choose 'Add compound/Reaction' to open the sketch window

      1.2- Draw the compound or reaction. A new window opens for drawing --> save when finished --> the new drawings are added to the section as an element.
Clicking on the element allows re-editing.

     1.3 - Processing the reaction: Once a reaction is created, a stoichiometric table divided into reactants and products appears underneath giving the formula and the MW of each compound. More information such as Name, Volume, Molar ratio, and more has to be populated by you.
Calculations of the weight for each compound and the yield of the reaction is available upon the population of the fields named before.

All compounds added in the ELN, as simple compound or a reaction, are automatically added to your Compounds collection in the Inventory, where extra information can be added.

To learn more on how to work with Marvin JS, check out it's online manual here.

2. Add compounds from your inventory:
Same as for the rest of the inventory collection, compounds can be added to experiments and protocols using the "sample element"

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