A PDF report summarizes all the information of Labguru pages, experiments, folders, projects...  including all sections, tables, plates, attachments and even comments.

There are several type of reports that can be printed from your e-Notebook research:


    1.1 - Go to More menu at the top of the experiment page.--> select "print" 

    1.2 - Choose which sections and additional information you wish to include in the report.:

     1.3 - Adjust your PDF report using the options to shrink into wide content and personalize it with the header&footer.

The PDF report, that will open in a new tab, contains the creation date, name of experiment, the project and folder it belongs to, owner's name and then the experiment's sections and all the additional data involved.

Create a report of a folder, which includes the name of experiment and the additional information attached. 

Same as for experiments, the folder's report contains the folder's name, the project to where it belongs to, the owner's name, a list of the files attached to this folder and all the notes written.

3. Project
Create a PDF summary report of a project with the printing option or download a ZIP file that contain all PDF reports of folders and experiments' project including attachments.

  3.1 - Print: The PDF report is an summary report of folders and experiments the project contain and related information, arranged in the same order as in the project page in Labguru.
The report contain the report creation date, the project owner's name, the names of all other members involved, a short table of contents, all the project's attached images and notes.

   3.2 - Export Project: The ZIP file will be sent to your e-mail address. It includes folders of each milestone and its experiments. Each folder contains the PDF report file and all the uploaded attachments in their original file types. 

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