The experiment module is based on segregation of sections, the default ones that appear when you create new experiments are: Description, Procedure, Results and Conclusions (optional). 

How to manage sections:

1.Creating new sections - you can add as many new  sections as you wish, simply by clicking on "add a section" between two existing sections. 

    1.1 - Create Custom sections by clicking on "Add section". The new custom section has all the editing options as the procedure section (adding images, links, dates, steps...). 

    1.2 - Create a new section from a protocol: You can also create a new section from an existing protocol. To learn how to do that - click here.

2.Moving sections - you can re-order all the section in your experiments (except for Conclusions) and protocols . Click on the section you wish to move and then go to "More" drop-down menu, select the option move it up or down.

3. Hide sections: You can hide sections to focus on an specific procedure during your experiment performance. 

4.Deleting sections - You can delete all the sections in an experiment or protocol except Results, simply click on "more" drop-down menu and choose to delete section.
Be careful - deleted sections is a not reversible action and can't be restored - Make sure you delete the right section.

TIP - For a better organization and performance of your sections, make sure you divide your experiments and protocols procedures into different sections, and always give them titles.

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